HIMPP partners provide more than 90% of hearing instruments worldwide

The objective of HIMPP is to clear the road of unjust IP obstacles, thus enabling the development of the most advanced and cost effective hearing instruments to the benefit of the hearing impaired.


Stefan Launer is new Chairman of the Board of Directors in HIMPP. Read more.

The Hearing Instruments Manufacturers Patent Partnership (HIMPP) and Intellectual Ventures (IV) enter a License Agreement. Read more

US Patent 10433074 "Hearing augmentation systems and methods" has been granted to HIMPP. (Oct 1, 2019)

European Patent Attorney Hans Jørgen Rindorf joins HIMPP in support of our increasing activities.

A new HIMPP Code of Conduct has been ratified. Read more

CEO of HIMPP Søren Westermann voluntarily resigns after 22 years in service, but remains on the Board of Directors. The new CEO as of April 19 is former COO of HIMPP Stinus Jeppesen. Read more

HIMPP has acquired patents from SoundID and SoundHawk. Read more

HIMPP has acquired patents from Galler. Read more

HIMPP reduces running royalty from 3% to 1%, but increases partner entry share price as of 1 July 2017. Read more