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HIMPP #08: Title: Calibration device and auditory prosthesis having calibration information (Widin et al.)

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HIMPP #09: Title: Method and apparatus for determining acoustic parameters of an auditory prosthesis using software model, (Widin et al.)
US4953112 (Re34,961)

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HIMPP #10: Title : Hearing aid programming interface, (Rising)

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HIMPP #11: Title: Hearing aid programming interface and method, (Mangold)

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HIMPP #12: Title: Auditory prosthesis fitting using vectors, (Widin)

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HIMPP #14: Title: Auditory prosthesis with datalogging capability, (Mangold et al)

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HIMPP #16: Title: Method, apparatus, system and interface unit for programming a hearing aid, (Platt)

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HIMPP #17: Title: Hearing aid and method for preparing same, (Woodfill Jr.)

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HIMPP #19: Title: Auditory prosthesis, noise suppression apparatus and feedback suppression apparatus having focused adaptive filtering, (Soli et al.)

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HIMPP #20: Title: Auditory prosthesis with user-controlled feedback cancellation, (Soli et al.)

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HIMPP #21: Title: Auditory prosthesis for adaptively filtering selected auditory component by user activation and method for doing same, (Soli et al.)

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HIMPP #24: Title: External ear canal electrode to be placed proximate the tympanic membrane and method of stimulating/recording utilizing external ear canal, etc, (Stypulkowski et al.)

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HIMPP #25A: Title: Attachment device for a probe microphone, (Rising et al.)

HIMPP #25B: Title: Magnetic attachment apparatus for ear-level microphone, (Rising)

HIMPP #40: Title: External ear canal pressure regulating device and tinnitus suppression device, (Stypulkowski et al.)

Patent family: EP0400900 (BE, DE, FR, GB, SE), AU630187, AU629872, AU656045